We are the only British Government Supplier of UV-C Medical Services solutions on their Crown Commercial Service (CCS) List, and are part of the COVID-19 response group. Our products are Federal Drug Administration (FDA) Approved which is a global standard of quality and performance. In Europe, our products have EU CE Marking which means that they comply with all European Laws, Regulations, Health & Safety Guidelines. These combined, are the highest standard of quality and performance that one can reach in the UV and medical sector and mean that we are able to supply our potentially life saving health technology to public entities without the risk of being challenged under common international public sector and governmental procurement rules. 

Our products are at a unique level of proven performance and quality. Not only do they comply with International Regulatory requirements around the world but ours, are the only ones in the market which are both ISO 9001 and also ISO 14001 compliant which all together, means that our products are quite arguably, the best in the World.

This distinctive level of quality is assured when you come to PP-L. We design and specify the very best product blends so you achieve the optimum results and yet, these are low cost, efficient solutions to help you to create the highest level of COVID-SECURE ENVIRONMENT that can be practicably achieved for spaces occupied by people.