The majority of so called, “air purifier” devices are basic air processors which only remove larger particulate matter from the air but not small bacteria and viruses, such as SARS-CoV-2 which causes Covid-19.

Our purifiers are the highest efficacy level of medical grade quality. These portable air purifier devices have been proven to be extremely effective at stopping Covid-19 infection in hospitals in Northern Europe and now, we have a sole distribution agreement to supply these potent infection intervention products in the UK.

PP-L’s air purifiers combine 5 sets of filters and uniquely, combine: 2 pre-filters to trap dust, pollen, and larger PM; a phytotoxic antimicrobial Copper Mesh; a medical grade HEPA 13 filter, which captures all airborne particles down to a certified size of 0.3 microns; plus a UV-C disinfection disinfection lamp; and incredibly, yet another but even finer HEPA 14 filter, able to trap microbes down to the tiny 0.1 microns level of filtration. The double medical grade HEPA with virus destroying UV technology and antimicrobial Copper, means that these PP-L devices are arguably, the best medical grade air purifiers now available, anywhere.

Our portable air purification products are ideal for inside clinical and high-care spaces such as Hospitals, GP surgeries, dental clinics and consulting rooms, as well as in all conventional interior spaces such as in schools, universities, shops, offices, hotels, hospitality, factories, museums, conference centres, care homes etc. The PP-L devices will also purify air at a market leading rate, such is the quality of the Scandinavian precision engineering and are capable of rapidly purifying the air in normal spaces at a rate of 300 m2 per device.

All devices are CE Marked, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

In terms of maintenance costs, these devices can safely operate for up to 20,000 hours (c.2 years) constantly-24/7 between HEPA & UV lamp changes which gives these devices the lowest level of whole-life costs compared to the nearest rivals which require filter changes every 6 months.

For larger rooms and whole buildings, we can go to an industrial scale of air purification with our fixed fan assisted upper room UV-C devices and HVAC engineered COVID-19-Secure air disinfection solutions.