Global Health, Safety & Welfare legislation and regulations are becoming more consistent and aligned. We have ISO 45001, LEGOSH and the United Nation’s International Labour Organization (ILO) has taken a very strong position in accelerating these dynamics during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

As an Employer, knowing that Covid-19 is a global pandemic and is prevalent all around, germicidal UV-C air and surface sterilisation systems will help you make your environments safer, significantly Covid-secure to protect people’s health, safety and welfare, if deployed with sound management practices.

You must also be compliant with your local laws and regulations and which are unlikely to vary from the ILO standards. In some countries the penalties for non-compliance are significant. 

UV-C sterilisation is readily available, is cost effective, easy to install and environmentally friendly. UV-C has been proven for over a century to destroy all bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus. Under the Laws and Regulations in your own country, and the ILO, are you doing everything that is reasonably practicable to comply and meet your legal obligations to protect the health, safety and welfare of your workforce, visitors and customers using your facilities and transport.

“Covid-secure guidance and the absence of a much needed regulatory update has made it challenging for us to identify best practice in the pandemic to protect and future-proof our assets. When we assessed the hugely positive impact that UV can have on workplace health, safety and welfare… it was a no brainer for us, we want to get our workers and tenants back confidently and productively, in the safest of environments practicable.”

— Pension Fund Asset Manager