Studies have shown that nearly 80% of people who test positive for COVID-19 show symptoms, and one of the most common symptoms is an elevated temperature.

For this reason, temperature testing can be an important tool in fighting the spread of COVID-19.

This process can last for a long duration of time, especially if there is just one person with a temperature gun. This is why a more accurate thermal imaging system is needed to keep track of everyone who is on site, and to highlight anyone who is showing the elevated body temperature symptom.

When dealing with staff or visitors, it is vital that people are properly screened before they enter your premises, as they could potentially be transmitting an infection to your employees – leading to a full scale outbreak on your site.

We have a range of products from simple thermal guns to sophisticated AI technologies available to help you with the first point of COVID-assurance, as people enter your site or premises.

As not all people infected with COVID-19 or carrying the virus will display an elevated temperature, it is important that temperature screening is not relied upon as an indicator of whether a person is infected or not. All other precautions detailed in government guidance must be followed and we recommend additional steps to protect people using interior environments. Temperature screening is not an equivalent to COVID-19 testing.